Where to buy

Anarchy Audio pedals are available at the following stores:


Mega Music

Pedal Empire

Peerless Music

Deluxe Guitars

The Rock Inn



Scorelay Japan


Some stock, limited edition runs and one offs will be listed from time to time at the Anarchy Audio Big Cartel store


Please email us at anarchyaudioaustralia@gmail.com if you are after anything specific.


Power supply

Most of our pedals accept the standard 9V DC centre negative 2.1 mm tip plug. Due to space restrictions, majority of our pedals will not include a battery snap, but it may be available or accommodated in some builds.

Battery options will be specified dependent on the pedal model.


 Returns and warranty

Any faults over time, regardless of whether you are the original purchaser or not, please contact us, however we will not honour any repairs or replacements due to the result of modifications and/or carelessness.